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A Quick Introduction :)

Hello Everyone! My name is Courteney Ellis, I am Mike and Laura’s niece. I grew up on the family farm and have always been passionate about agriculture. I am currently attending Corban University as a business student and just completed my Business Associates degree. As part of my studies, I have the opportunity to partake in a marketing internship and receive college credit. I could not think of a better way to spend my summer earning college credit than helping out on the family farm.

During my summer internship with Mt. Hope Farms I have a variety of tasks so that I am really able to get my feet wet in every situation. Not only am I attending farmers’ markets and interacting with the public but I am also working out on the farm in the fields and with the animals (my favorite part). Currently, I am in the process of ordering a brochure/rack card which I designed about the farm to be handed out at the markets. After the holiday weekend I plan to start the designing process of another brochure which will be aimed towards explaining the amazing health benefits of our unique products such as the Haskap berry and the Aronia berry.

Another large aspect of my internship is social media marketing. This means I am posting to the farm’s Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as well as trying to generate online traffic to all of these outlets. One of the ways I am attempting to do this is by starting a once a month contest on our Facebook page. By sharing the contest post on their newsfeed people are able to enter the contest. The winner will be randomly selected and will receive a free fruit spread. This process will not only have our current followers interacting with us more but will also get our name out on the newsfeeds of those who enter which will hopefully generate more interest in the farm.

I have been loving my time working on the farm through this internship. It has been a wonderful learning process and has helped me to gain confidence in my abilities. This internship has been great job experience for a future career as an advocate for agriculture. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the summer holds and hope to meet you at one of our markets!



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  1. Excellent!!!
    What a great experience for you.
    Love what you’ve done so far.
    You Go Girl!!!

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