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Creating a Cheese Platter!

One of the most fun ways to use our fruit spreads is to include them on your cheese platters and charcuterie boards for entertaining!  We thought it would be helpful to provide a few tips and links to help you build the perfect cheese platter. Plus, we have given some recommendations on what types of cheeses our spreads pair well with (notice that we really love Triple Cream Brie).  Most of our advice is pretty basic, but it might help motivate you to try something new 🙂

Some of our quick tips:

  • We like to include at least three to four different types of cheeses on our platter to give guests choices in taste and texture. An easy way to ensure a good balance is to put out one cheese from the firm, soft, aged and blue cheese groups. Label each cheese so your guests know what they are trying and can pair them with whatever spreads, fruits and nuts that you are serving.  If you have a pungent variety of cheese, consider serving it on a separate plate so it doesn’t overpower the entire board or scare people away 😉
  • Take cheeses, and our fruit spreads, out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving.  This will help all of the flavors come through!
  • Plan on buying about 3 ounces of cheese per guest.  Ask someone at your grocer’s cheese counter for help with estimating how much you will need.  Select Market of Choice stores (Cedar Mill, West Linn and Terwilliger locations) and New Seasons Markets (Woodstock and University Park location) carry our products and have wonderful cheese stewards.
  • If possible, put out a separate serving knife with each cheese.
  • Include fun, festive accompaniments on your platter.  We love including Mt. Hope Farms’ Fruit Spreads, Oregon hazelnuts, walnuts, fresh fruit, olives, crackers, breads and cured meats.  All of these things can help provide flavor balance and pops of color.  It has been really fun to source these products from other local food artisans and farmers!

Mt. Hope Fruit Spreads and Cheese Pairing Suggestions: 

Have you paired our products with other great cheeses that we didn’t think to list here? Please share in the comments- there are so many combinations that we could have skipped over!

If you would like some more information about creating a cheese platter for your upcoming celebrations and parties, check out these links:

Looking for advice on buying wine to go with your tray of beautiful fruit spreads and cheeses?  This is a good start: