Sassy Pluot Fruit Spread

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Half Pint Jar

Pluots are a natural plum and apricot hybrid that have a juicy, red colored flesh. These stone fruits are sorted, hand pitted and cooked with a small amount of cayenne! The result isn’t very spicy, but gives just enough kick to make it perfect for glazing meats and for pairing with cheese. Over the years, this has become one of our most popular micro-batch varieties.  Favorite Pairings: Use as a glaze for smoked salmon, lamb or poultry, served with cream cheese and wheat crackers, brie and washed rind cheese and on fresh sourdough bread.

Our fruit spreads are made with our farm grown and locally sourced ingredients. These ingredients include organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice and spices from a local Portland shop. Nothing artificial is ever added- our artisan products are all natural, vegan and contain a fraction of the sugar added to most conventional preserves.

Even though it is more work, this spread has been made in a micro batch to ensure great quality and flavor. After being slowly simmered, the mixture is ladled into each jar by hand and the jars are then cleaned, lidded and canned in a traditional hot water bath. Our products are packaged in half pint, American made glass mason jars.

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