Family & Roots

Family And Roots

We are the Ellis Family – Mike, Laura, Samuel and Mason. Our roots are strong in farming and we plan to continue our traditions with our growing family! Several years ago, we began working with the family farm after earning our college degrees and working in other “fields.” In 2014, we decided to start our own farm and specialize in growing fruit and berry crops that can be enjoyed fresh or in our line of artisan preserved foods. We haven’t looked back since!

Mike was raised in Molalla and his family has been farming for well over a century, most of which has been right in the Willamette Valley. Over 50 years ago, Mike’s grandparents moved to our current grounds and began farming grain crops. Mike has been working on the farm since he was a small child and has always considered farming to be his calling. He is the main person responsible for growing and managing our farm food crops. Mike attended Eastern Oregon University, where he met Laura, and earned a degree in Range Ecology and Management with minors in Crop and Soil Science and Animal Science.

Laura was raised in rural Alaska on a small family farm. Growing up, she raised horses and a variety of other animals. Her family raised a great deal of their own produce, fruits and meats, including a herd of Angus cattle. While she will always be an independent Alaskan at heart, Laura loves the Molalla area, getting back to farming and having the opportunity to raise Samuel and Mason in a rural setting. She is the one responsible for creating and making the farm’s artisan food products.

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to farm and for our supportive customers! If you would like to learn more about us, please visit us at a local event or contact us here.