Who We Are

Our Farm

Mt. Hope Farms, LLC is a small, diversified, family farm on the outskirts of Molalla, Oregon. We specialize in unique berry and fruit crops and artisan preserved foods that are made in small batches.

As a family, we want to grow crops that have great flavor, are highly nutritious and are less common than many already found in the Willamette Valley. With that in mind, we have put our energy into growing aronia, haskap, table grapes and several varieties of orchard crops. These berries and fruits can be enjoyed fresh and in our line of preserved foods.

Our fruit spreads and preserves are made with simple ingredients and are low in Organic sugar. We work to create unique flavor pairings as a twist on the traditional and to enhance the fresh fruits, berries and produce that are the stars in our products. Many of the main ingredients that we use to make our prize winning fruit spreads are grown right on our farm. If we can’t grow all the ingredients ourselves, we source from other local farmers who we know and trust.

Our food products also contain locally sourced ingredients. These include spices and spirits from small businesses in the Portland area. We also use Organic, Non-GMO certified cane sugar and Non-GMO pectin. We do our very best to ensure that we NEVER have any ingredients which contain GMOs and always use Organic ingredients when possible. That is part of the beauty of growing and sourcing all of the ingredients in our artisan foods: we know exactly how they have been grown and harvested.

Interested in becoming a partner? We are too! We offer our Table Grapes, Aronia Berries and Preserved Foods wholesale!

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What Makes Us Different

Our Commitment To Quality

One of our biggest goals is to provide customers with a quality product that is traceable from farm to table. To ensure this, we use the best ingredients possible, we never include anything artificial and we make our products in small batches. If there is ever a problem with our product quality, we encourage you to contact us so we can work with you to make it right!

Safety Standards

While we do everything we can to make sure our foods taste delicious, we also go above and beyond to make sure they are safe for you and your family. Our farm is licensed to process foods in a local commercial kitchen that is inspected yearly and we abide by all local, State and Federal food safety regulations. Preserves are packaged in glass jars that we encourage you to reuse or recycle.

Support Of Other Local Businesses And Farms

Whenever possible, we grow all of our main ingredients. When that isn’t possible, we source from other family farms and from local businesses. When you purchase a product from us, you are directly supporting our family and other small business owners.

Unique crops

We grow a number of berry and fruit crops that are relatively new to our area. These include our Aronia and Haskap Berries. They are a wonderful addition to our preserved food products and offer many natural health benefits. As our farm continues to grow, we hope to add more crops that are uncommon to the Willamette Valley.

Land Stewardship And Soil Management

As a farm, we believe that taking care of the land is one of the most important legacies that we can leave to future generations. Our family has farmed the grounds that we are located on for over half a century. Over this time we have built nutrient rich soils that make our crops grow and taste better than average. This has been accomplished with selective crop rotations, careful attention to soil nutrition and pH and selective tillage techniques designed to minimize erosion risks. Very few farms have access to this robust heritage of soil stewardship, or these types of growing conditions, and it makes a big difference in quality.